LISTEN AMAYA: Rebuilding a relationship from the perspective of a mother

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When one looks at the promoting promos of LISTEN… AMAYA one may feel that the old world charm of Farooque Shaikh and Deepti Naval is on the anvil to bring back the era of light hearted romance of the early eighties, which this pair was famous for. Indeed, the pair is coming back to weave the subtle magic of romance on the silver screen once again, but this time with a difference. Obviously, it is factoring in the growth that they have experienced physically, so the romance is adult, i.e. between the pair who has perhaps lived its life trying to bring up their children, but find a void to be filled, and therefore it is topical.

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Deepti Naval playing the role of South Indian middle aged widow runs a book shop belonging to an old era, which also is a hangout where one can have coffee, as also have free-wheeling discussions with Deepti Naval, as she plays the role of a free spirited woman. Amaya is her only daughter, 22 years of age, a writer, and a girl of the present times, confident and with a street smart sense of humour. The daughter and the mother have amazing chemistry amongst themselves, a fact which is becoming an integral construct of middle class India in the metropolitan cities. Deepti Naval in sync with the women of present times refuses to lift in self-pity and wallow and plays the role of having moved on and is therefore a catalyst in attracting like minds to her coffee-cum-bookshop.

Farooque plays the role of a 60 year old photographer who documents life, people and the memories associated with their process of growing, and for a twist in the tale in the narrative he hits off quite well with the daughter Amaya.

Paths of the photographer and the book shop owner cross and he goes on a rewind mode to tell what has happened in his life to Deepti Naval, and the narration goes out into the night and then in the morning when the photographer breaks down and Deepti Naval consoles him. In the process walks in Amaya and the complications arise. It is the flash point for the relationship between the daughter and the mother and from here the story starts. Now it falls upon the daughter to remove the misgivings of the relationship with her mother, to understand that her mother who has spent her life bringing Amaya, also at the age, at which she is in, needs a partner for the remaining part of her life.

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Modern women these days, especially a mother and a daughter living in metropolitan cities are undergoing this change in dynamics of relationship owing to mothers finding some hope of a new partner to hold their hands at the far end of their lives, and how the daughters reach, understand and help the mother in warming up to a new relationship is what forms the crux of LISTEN AMAYA.

Indeed, Amayas of the present times have to listen to the silent pains that mothers have endured to bring the Amayas and they need to understand that when they would eventually move into their new lives and the mothers would be left alone, if they get an opportunity to live their life once again with a new partner, Amayas need to facilitate the process.

Directed by Avinash Singh, the story and dialogue have been written by Geeta Singh, and LISTEN AMAYA should be a valuable social document of our country, as have been other films in which Deepti Naval and Farooque Shaikh acted in their heydays.

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