Madhavan is a loveable rogue in JODI BREAKERS

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Even though Ashwini Chaudhary had made up his mind to cast Madhavan for JODI BREAKERS, he wanted to closely study his other works in Bollywood so that he could be mentally prepared about the image makeover that he wanted to suggest the actor.

”We had signed Madhavan even before the release of TANU WEDS MANU. Due to this, during our discussions for JODI BREAKERS, we used to say that ‘yahan thoda experiment karenge’, ‘‘wahan thoda character trait change karenge’, etc,” says Ashwini and adds, ‘What I found really interesting and heartening was that Madhavan was ever so willing to experiment. He too wanted to break that image which has been set amongst audience and was game to move from one platform to another. It was a challenge because he had to change everything, right from his facial expressions to mannerisms, body language and get up.”

download JODI BREAKERS wallpapers
download JODI BREAKERS wallpapers

The director assures that audience will see an entirely different Maddy (as his fans and followers love to call him) in the film.

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”Tamil cinema is very different from Bollywood,” says Ashwini, ”If you see his latest hit VETTAI down South, it had Madhavan in an entirely different image and getup as compared to his work in Bollywood. Here you generally see him as this Mr. Nice guy who is more often than not ‘all white’. Same was the case with TANU WEDS MANU as well, though there is nothing wrong with that as he suited the character to the T. However my lead protagonist in JODI BREAKERS – Sid – isn’t like that. He is a little ‘badmaash’, a rogue.”

We for sure are waiting to catch this loveable rogue once JODI BREAKERS, a Prasar Visions Pvt. Ltd. production, releases all over on 24th February.

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