Mahesh Bhatt: Adaptation of ‘Khwabon Ka Safar’ into book commendable

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Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt's TV show 'Khwabon Ka Safar' has been adapted into a book with the same name. He finds the move "applause-worthy and commendable".

"'Khwabon Ka Safar' is a project that gave me an insight into our rich cinema history and I am certain that it will create the same awe among readers. Epic's (channel) adaptation of the series into a book is applause-worthy and commendable," Bhatt said in a statement.

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"The book promises to be a true revelation of the journey of filmmaking and is a tribute to the pioneers of filmmaking in India," he added.

The 13-episode series gives an insight into the landmark film studios, iconic stars and cinematic masterpieces.

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The book chronicles stories of Bollywood's top 13 studios – Prabhat Film Company (1929) and Filmayala (1958).

The book interlaces various interesting anecdotes from the famed erstwhile studios and their rich Bollywood legacies.

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The show used to be aired on Epic Channel and was hosted by Bhatt.

The book is available on e-commerce platforms and at bookstores.

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