Monday, October 18, 2021

Mahie Gill: I tried to pick Meena Kumari’s traits

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Mahie Gill isn't beating around the bush. She has shared her reference points for GANG OF GHOSTS loud and clear by confessing that the brief for her was to witness actresses from the era gone by, especially the likes of Meena Kumari, Suraiya and Madhubala, who ruled the '50s and the '60s.

'It was quite interesting to play Manoranjana. As a successful actress from the '50s who is now a ghost and trying to cope up with the modern-day world. It was absolutely fun to be seen in a mode of over half-a-century back. It was so good to be dancing to a song like 'Nahi Doongi…. Dil Apna' and lip-synching to it,' says Mahie who was last seen in a lead role in the box- office success SAHEB BIWI AUR GANGSTER RETURNS.

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As for references to the past, Mahie says that she had a job in hand to catch the grace of yesteryear actresses.

'Actresses from the past had a certain way of talking and behaving, 'says Mahie, 'Satishji (Kaushik) told me that we could pick their style. They used to talk in a typical nasal manner and have a particular 'mudra' in place as a part of general body language. To achieve that, I tried to pick up Meena Kumariji's traits. She wasn't the only one though, as I also studied Suraiya. Then for the song 'Nahi Doongi', I have tried to bring on the Madhubala look. It is an amalgamation of all the actresses whose work we have admired over the years.'

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Now one looks forward to the friendly, yesteryear ghost getting it right in the current times as well, once this Ratan Jain & Ganesh Jain-produced and Satish Kaushik-directed film releases all over on 21st March, 2014.


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