Mallika Sherawat still in touch with Jackie Chan

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Currently stationed in Los Angeles, Mallika Sherawat has plans to drop down to India pretty soon. Meanwhile, she is still in touch with her THE MYTH co-star Jackie Chan who apparently can’t help but acknowledge her for the kind of drive she has been enjoying to make her presence felt worldwide.

“That’s true. Jackie Chan is the one who instilled such kind of confidence in me. He is the guy responsible for making me travel to Hollywood and keep working so far away from him. Also, he has the kind of forward thinking attitude which is infectious. In fact I met him at Cannes a few months back and it was great connecting all over again. Now I am all the more sure that I like competing with the rest of the world. As an actor it is important to challenge myself,” she goes on.

view MALLIKA SHERAWAT picture gallery
view MALLIKA SHERAWAT picture gallery

While she is referring to competition with rest of the world, one wonders what’s happening on the Sonu Sood starrer LUCKY UNLUCKY where she was supposed to be playing a Jatt athlete.

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She says, “Well, I have just read the script and I really love it. I like the director and the sensibility where he is coming from. However beyond that I don’t know what’s happening on the film. I am waiting for the makers to come back on that.”

Well, from international projects to some ‘desi’ affairs, Mallika is indeed keeping herself occupied with her global engagements.

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