Manoj Bajpai impressed with Anjali, Esha Gupta in CHAKRAVYUH

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While Arjun Rampal and Abhay Deol battle it out with each other in Prakash Jha’s CHAKRAVYUH, Manoj Bajpayee stays on to be a solid force behind all the drama that transpires in the film. Even though these three actors come with varied experience in the film industry, there are other actors in the film who are not just very young but also quite new to filmmaking in general. What does Manoj have to say about the fresh blood that has found some good prominence in the film?

view CHAKRAVYUH stills
view CHAKRAVYUH stills

“There is some good talent to watch out for in this film,” begins Manoj, “Like this newcomer Anjali Patil who is a newcomer and playing a Naxalite. She has shown immense potential in the film. Then there is Esha Gupta who has moved glamorous roles to the role of a cop. There are so many other seasoned serious actors in the film as well that adds on to the metamorphosis due to the setting and direction style that the film enjoys. Each of these actors has shown some great potential.”

Personally for him though, it was the opportunity of working with Om Puri that gave him the biggest high.

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‘I can proudly say that I have gained so much closeness with a legend like Om Puri. He is someone whom I adored all my life and looked up to. Today I can say that I know Om Puri. For me, that’s the biggest reward that has come my way from CHAKRAVYUH, he says.

Now one hopes, that producers of the film feel rewarded as well when CHAKRAVYUH releases all over on Wednesday, 24th October, and brings in some good moolah.

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