Manoj Bajpayee : GALI GULEIYAN will haunt you for three days

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Actor refined Manoj Bajpayee who has redefined spontaneity and intensity on silver screen is thrilled to find GALI GULEIYAN geared up for release on coming Friday September 07 2018. The actor who has portrayed a range of characters from the immortal Bhiku Mhatre from RGV’s SATYA to the incredible Ramchandra Siras from ALIGARH,  in his own words, plays the most toughest role of his career in GALI GULEIYAN a psychological drama that peeps into the tragic world of child abuse that constantly beeps our soul tingling our prejudices on love, affection, acceptance, rejection and pain.

Playing Khuddoos a messy man in Dipesh Jian’s movie, Khuddoos has confined himself in the shunty allies of old Delhi in a dusty old house, spending his time observing his neighborhood through a network of spy cameras fed into TV sets in his home. The loner Khuddos one day finds a purpose in his life when he hears sounds of a child being beaten up. He becomes obsessed with finding this child and rescuing him.

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Manoj Bajpayee says Khuddoos has been his biggest challenge as an actor till date, he has reduced weight, gone in trance while imagining and it has been a mesmerizing journey. The actor says the movie won’t leave the audience mind so easily. “GALI GULEIYAN will haunt you for three days, it will make you take three days to come out of the film and react to the world around you and the people associated with the film, it’s that haunting that soul searching”.

Winner of Mumbai Film Festival 2017 fetching the jury grand prize –       India Gold for Dipesh Jain and best actor recognition for Manoj Bajpayee at the New York Indo-American Arts Council Film Festival this year 2018, GALI GULEIYAN (IN THE SHADOWS English title) has been a rewarding experience for Manoj Bajpayee who is overwhelmed by the response of the international audience.

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He says, “ Audience from Chicago, Dubai, Korea, etc found it mesmerizing, the jury members were shaken by the world of Khuddoos and the area which the film covers, the disturbing dark insight on human relationships and pain of child abuse had a tremendous impact. They asked me how I managed to pull those nuances and enquired about my trade secrets (my tools) that I use to enhance my character”.

Finally when asked what’s the best thing about GALI GULEIYAN that makes it special, the actor hinting towards a mystery element in the film said, “ sometimes people do say that they knew it from the beginning, and I say that even if you have found that, the journey won’t lose any impact, it’s that powerful, it will stay with you for three days, whoever watches GALI GULEIYAN, the movie won,t fade away easily”.

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That’s what we call confidence and strong believe in your art.

Produced by Dipesh Jain and Shuchi Jain under the banner of Exstant Motion Pictures, GALI GULEIYAN (English title; IN THE SHADOWS) stars Manoj Bajpayee, Ranvir Shorey, Neeraj Kabi and Shahana Goswami.



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