Friday, October 22, 2021

Masaba Gupta Forges a Fearless Step for Vogue

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Indian fashion designer, Masaba Gupta known for her charisma went bold by revealing her glamarous self and confidently showing her make-up free look on India’s most elegant magazine, Vogue. The power-house of talent has thrilled her followers with her lavish fashion statements and has now upped her glam persona by going bold and breaking beauty stereotypes. In India, women are often judged by their appearance, and make-up has become a tool to fit into the society. Masaba has taken a bold step by going make-up free and being fearless about discernments on one of the world’s most glamorous platforms. Sending out a loud and clear message to young women of India, Masaba Gupta said, “I was always ‘different’ looking and never conformed to beauty standards. But one thing I learnt from all the challenges life threw at me is that different is beautiful too. I’ve even faced the camera without make-up. Can you believe it? Olay has made me feel really great in my skin.”

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