Friday, October 22, 2021

Masaba, Kubbra amongst Olay’s 5 fierce & confident women campaign

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Leading up to International Women's Day, Olay India launched its latest campaign with 5 fierce & confident women – Masaba Gupta, Kubbra Sait, Lilly Singh, Priyanka Kochhar and Payal Soni, showcasing stories of strong Indian women who have made bold choices, defied norms and followed their dreams. In India, the journey to success for women is dotted by judgments and criticisms that question their talent, competence, appearance and capabilities. But there are those who rise up to the challenge and make sure their voices are heard. Olay wants to be a brand that celebrates the spirit of these fearless women who refuse to be held back. The campaign’s message is in line with Olay’s mission to continually improve women’s skin and lives by encouraging them to be fearless and stand up for what they believe in, because if a woman is confident she can #FaceAnything.
The Olay #FaceAnything campaign inspires women to be unapologetically bold, confident and true to themselves. Sharing her deep-rooted connection with the campaign, fashion designer and diva, Masaba Gupta said, “Judgements that surrounded me growing up made me feel like I didn’t fit into the set beauty standards. It took me a while to accept that it was just society’s perceptions and that I was so much more than beautiful – I’d like to say, ‘a dusky beauty with brains’ – and with that strength and positivity, I never looked back. With the challenges life has thrown at me, it’s only taught me one thing – to believe in myself, hold my head up high and #FaceAnything no matter what. Really proud to be a part of Olay’s #FaceAnything Campaign.”

Actor Kubbra Sait, adds, “I never let people’s opinions of me define who I am as a woman. When I switched careers from a cushy job to acting, that made people judge me. They said I wouldn’t make it, I was never going to be good enough, but I knew I had it in me! So, with time, I drowned out the noise and chased what mattered most to me. I hope through this campaign, women all over India are inspired to love themselves more, follow their dreams, just take the leap and #FaceAnything. Because, whatever the society says, you have to carve your own path the way you envision it to be. I hope the Olay #FaceAnything campaign is an inspiration to all women out there to fight for what they believe in.” 

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