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MISS LOVELY actress Nikharika: C grade film do better than blockbusters

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After years of slogging in the industry, Nawazzuddin Siddiqui has finally found a niche for himself, especially after GANGS OF WASSEYPUR and KAHAANI which have proven his mettle as an actor. One of his films which is now expected to gain some added visibility for itself is MISS LOVELY, the dark theme of which only takes it in a different zone altogether.

view Miss Lovely Movie Stills
view MISS LOVELY Movie Stills

“See, usually a film is made in a very set style. In a few minutes of the film’s play you get to know whether you are watching a thriller, horror or a comedy flick. However MISS LOVELY isn’t something that you can put into a bracket. This is a film where you get shocked just by the sheer narrative. In fact you won’t even know what kind of film is this. Some may even argue whether this is a film at all,” says a source attached to the film, “We are prepared for that because there is no label that can be given to MISS LOVELY.”

Meanwhile the film’s lead actress Niharika Singh goes on to acknowledge the research put up by director Ashim Ahluwalia that made it easier for her and co-star Nawaz to understand their role better and play it to perfection.

“I come from a small town Dehradun and am aware of the fact that such films do much better than the usual big blockbusters that run in theatres. Even during my growing up years, I was aware of these small C grade films that were screened even though I hadn’t watched any. The C grade film industry hasn’t gone away anywhere. It still exists in small towns and is a parallel industry in its own,” reveals Niharika.

Now one hopes that this very USP of the film manages to find an audience in big cities as well once the film finally hits the screen.

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