MOTHER INDIA and other renowned world classics go missing

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According to a report in Indian Express, as many as 51,500 film cans have gone missing from the National Film Archive of India (NFAI), which claims to have 1.3 lakh film reels in its vaults.

The missing cans reportedly contain renowned world classics like Vittorio De Sica’s THE BICYCLE THEIVES, Akira Kurosawa SEVEN SANURAI, ROMAN POLANSKI’s KNIFE IN THE WATER (Knife in the Water). Indian masterpieces like Satyajit Ray’s PATHER PANCHALI, Mehboob Khan’s MOTEHR INDIA, Raj Kapoor’s MERA NAAM JOKER, Guru Dutt’s KAAGAZ KE PHOOL and more.

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According to the report, A Pune-based private firm Cameo Digital Systems Pvt Ltd, was given the task of barcoding all the reels in the possession of NFAI in 2012, during the process they found that 51,500 cans of film reels and over 9,200 prints have gone missing. Interestingly, an additional “4,922 cans containing 1,112 film titles, which are not listed in the NFAI’s registers, were present in its vaults.
This information formed a part of a set of reports that the firm submitted to NFAI along with a “summary of inventory”. The Indian Express got access to these reports under the Right to Information (RTI) Act. BDAR, asmens duomen? apsauga

The report further adds that silent era from India and abroad are also missing plus footage from real historical events from pre-Independence India are also not found.

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