Sunil Bohra announces an intriguing biopic

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Biopics are the flavor of the season and here’s an upcoming addition to the list. Sunil Bohra of Bohra Bros has brought the rights of the true-life story of Trishneet Arora who mastered the art of ethical hacking at the age of 19, set up his own company and started assisting corporates in the IT sector, the Punjab and Gujarat police force and the CBI to crack down on cyber-crime. 
The film is slated to go on the floors by mid-2019, while a team of writers is currently working on developing the screenplay. "It’s for the producer to decide if he wants to fictionalize some incidents in my life. I don’t mind them giving my story a cinematic touch as I have full confidence that they will  present it in a way that inspires the youth,” says Trishneet 
One of the youngest authors in the world to write a book on ethical hacking, he has been in talks with Sunil and his writers since the last one year “I was a little skeptical initially, but then I considered the larger picture,”  admits Trishneet, who is among the youngest Indians to feature on Forbes 30 Under-30 list. "Fame is a big responsibility and prompts me to work harder. A leader is not one who creates the part," he philosophizes. 
And does he have a particular actor in mind to play him on screen?  “That’s the producer’s call,” he reiterates, adding, “I don’t have a wishlist nor do I have a specific name in mind."  Meanwhile, Sunil Bohra who has earlier produced GANGS OF WASSEYPUR and SHAHID, says he plans to approach an A-List star for the titular role.
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