Music Maestro Naushad’s strange tale of struggling days

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Music Maestro Naushad's strange tale of struggling days

Dadasaheb Phalke and Padma Bhushan award winner, music maestro Naushad’s name shall always be remembered as the one who gave film music a new definition and heights.

Naushad’s journey to success was filled with utmost struggle, however what inspired Naushad to face these tribulations was a prediction by his close associate, who gave him roof to live in Mumbai during his struggling days.

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Recalling those early days Naushad in an interview said, ”When I came to Mumbai in mid-30s my Ustaad had written a recommendation letter to an acquaintance, who worked as professor in Mumbai’s St Xaviers College and stayed in Colaba. He was a kind gentleman and would also lend me some money for my travel.”

He added, “During those days film studios were concentrated in Dadar hence I would travel from Colaba to Dadar by bus and wander all day from one studio to another in search of job. Once professor sahab left Mumbai for important assignment and I was left with no money. Hence, I travelled by foot from Colaba to Dadar. When professor sahab came to know that I used to travel by foot he was dazed at my commitment. That day he asked me to write in my dairy that I would become top most music director in Indian film industry.”

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“Years passed and after over 15 years when my movie BAIJU BAWRA celebrated Golden Jubilee, I constructed my bungalow at Bandra in Mumbai. Everybody from the film industry graced the party which I threw in its celebration. One among them was professor sahab, who came close to me and whispered in my ears, “Where is your dairy? Hasn’t my prediction proved right! In the zeal of success I had forgotten him.  Professor sahab congratulated me for the reward of my hardship and blessing me he went away!”

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