Nawazuddin Siddiqui: High time we looked beyond 'hero-heroine' formula films

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By Simran Sethi

New Delhi, Nov 25 (IANS) Versatile actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui feels traditional films revolving around a hero-heroine formula no longer work in this day and age.

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“After watching a lot of world cinema during lockdown, I have realised that it’s high time for us to look beyond ‘hero-heroine’ formula films. Digital media is acting as a boon. It’s one of the most democratic platforms. I hope people develop habit of watching good content there. There’s no problem if you like watching such movies, but you should also watch other content,” he said.

“I feel your mind does not develop after watching the typical formula-based films. It’s very important to educate yourself and I think it happens only if you watch impactful, new and innovative content. If people do not change their habit of watching cinema, then nothing can be done. Formula films dekhte raho aur zombie bante jao (keep watching formula films and keep becoming zombies),” Nawazuddin told IANS.

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The “Sacred Games” star also expressed his gratitude towards the directors who have shown faith in him and provided him the chances to do diverse roles over the years.

“I feel blessed to be able to do different kinds of roles in my journey so far. Be it ‘Manto’ or ‘Thackeray’ or ‘Serious Men’, having played such varied roles made me understand the beauty of real acting. I thank industry people for believing in me. Now even audience expects me to do different roles with each project. I don’t want to be monotonous. I will keep experimenting. I am here to do innovative projects. It’s very important to challenge yourself, and I am happy to face challenges in life,” he added.

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