Nawazuddin Siddiqui: I assumed Salman Khan to be rude


Though KICK may be touted as out-n-out Salman Khan’s film, Nawazuddin Siddiqui has equally important role in the film. It is probably his first full-fledged negative portrayal on the screen. While on one end everyone’s going gaga over Salman with the verdict out for the film, Nawaz’s performance is also being lapped up. Recently we caught with the much talented actor, who shared about working on KICK, his experience with superstar Salman Khan, how producer turned director Sajid Nadiadwala exploited them to the best and much more. Here are the excerpts:

What kicked you about this film?
KICK is a massy film and it has the potential to be a big hit. Doing films like these will of course benefit my other upcoming films. I had a very strong role in KICK. Moreover, it was Sajid Nadiadwala’s first film. And when you work with first time directors they are utmost careful about their work, their script is tight, they will never goof up…So I think all these factors were more than enough for me to get kicked about the film!

After doing classy films, are you going massy now? Was it a conscious decision to take up a commercial potboiler like KICK?
Whether unconventional or conventional films, it doesn’t really matter. As an actor your passion and approach remains the same for every project. These are all tags put by people. And when you talk about massy and commercial films, then I have done films like GANGS OF WASSEYPUR, TALAASH, KAHAANI, etc., which were also of the same genre. Especially, GOW was a commercial formula flick. Massy films have more reach. 


Also, KICK comes as a package-deal with Salman Khan being there, an Eid release, good banner and Sajid’s backing. Were these factors enough for you to give a go ahead for the project?
Of course this opportunity was not be missed but if you go with the package deal it doesn’t work that way. The films also fail sometimes despite all the factors. Sajid took some 2-3 years in scripting and making this film. It is not an overnight decision ki chalo id release hai, Salman Khan hai toh film bahut hit ho jaayegi.

How was it working with Salman Khan, since he is known for his unpredictable behaviour and being moody?
It was absolutely easy and interesting to work with Salman Khan. I felt nice. We had a very professional relationship. He was moody but not in a negative way. Even if he is moody, he is like a kid. He is a kind of person who doesn’t have double standards because he is absolutely honest.

Much has been written and talked about Salman over the years, so did you have any preconceived notion before meeting him?
Yes the way media used to present, I also assumed him to be a rude type of person. But that’s not true. On the contrary he is so chilled out. He is absolutely opposite to what media presents him. As I said he is like a kid, so you enjoy being with him. Whenever, he comes on the sets he creates fun and there’s a pleasant environment for everyone.


Since Sajid is getting into direction for the first time, did you have any apprehensions taking up the project?
There’s always a curiosity and anxiety around when you are working with a debutant director. Yes, I was little skeptical because I was clueless as to how would it be like; in what way he will approach the project et al. But as we began the work, I realized that being a producer all these years, he pretty knows the art of extracting right performance from his actors. He can best utilize the actors. He exploited and explored us the best.

If this film doesn’t work I will blame Sajid for it and if it works then also it will be his contribution. I haven’t applied too much brain behind it.

How do you go about selecting your projects?
Mai bahut hi moti buddhi ka aadmi hun whatever the director tells us or whatever the team discusses I try to analyze that. I take everyone’s opinion and then only I select my roles. While selecting a role, I also keep a check that I don’t get clichéd like other actors.


So how do you avoid getting cliched?
It’s a detailed process. Suppose, if it’s a sad sequence, most actors will just cry on-screen but my approach is bit different. I would treat it in a very routine manner. It has to look natural for me. You can’t get cinematic every time. You have to create emotions, not get carried away with it. Acting aisi honi chhaiye ki ki aap ro rahe ho toh audience ko hasi aa rah hai ho aur has rahe ho toh rona aajaye.

Do you get star struck?
I am never star struck because then I won’t be able to concentrate on work. The day I get star-struck, I will quit acting as I cannot play my character. When I am playing my role, I just forget that a star is in front of me. I just imagine that particular character.

Who do you idolize in film industry and are you also a Salman Khan fan?
I have many ideals in the industry. But I like Salman Khan as a human being. I am fan of his human side. And I experienced that during the shooting.