Neelima reveals Misha’s priceless reaction for Zain Kapoor

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It’s a cloud nine phase for Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput as the couple recently was blessed with a beautiful baby boy. Shahid- Mira are enjoying and celebrating parenthood again and elder sister Misha too has now a baby brother to play with. In no time the parents named their baby boy as Zain Kapoor which was actually suggested earlier by grandma Neelima Azeem, way before  Misha’s birth. 

Neelima’s joy knows no bounds as she’s getting to play the role of a Dadi again in real life as Misha has always been the love of her life since she was born. She’s too happy for Shahid and Mira as she had a feeling in the back of her mind that they will be blessed with a baby boy this time around. In fact in one of the interviews, Neelima even revealed that she already had a dream about Shahid-Mira being blessed with a son. It’s great to see actors sharing a great bond time with their grandsons and daughters.

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The granny says Misha is having a great time now as she had already realized of a baby coming into the house during Mira’s pregnancy. As an elder sister, Misha has already stepped into the shoes to take care of Zain. Misha was pretty excited for the baby and now that Zain has come she just can't wait to fight and play with him. Though the sister is excited but it takes time for every child to adjust emotionally says Neelima and also it feels great as Shahid and Mira‘s family is now complete as they are blessed with a girl and now a baby boy. Well papa shahid we can't wait long to see the pic of the two munchkins, so just share it soon. 

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