Neha Sharma: Being honest in this industry gets diluted

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Cute & beautiful that’s how Bollywood actress Neha Sharma is known.

She is not only a good actor but this gorgeous beauty is also a trained Kathak dancer and has learnt various dance forms. Apart from dancing & acting being her forte, she has also studied fashion designing and she is interestingly a great cook too.

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Her last film TUM BIN II didn’t do well but that doesn’t make her lose heart. She is up for challenges in life. Moreover, she doesn’t want to go the conventional way of doing bold roles just to bag films. She wants to portray characters that she connects with.

In an exclusive conversation with Neha, she talks about her challenges how she dealt with failures, her passion for cooking and fashion designing and why she is not comfortable showing her skin just for the heck of it.

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Here are the excerpts:
Tell us about your journey in the industry?
It has been fair, loads of ups and downs. I have learnt a lot from my failures.

The lessons that you learnt from failures?
When a film fails it teaches you about life and people. It shows the real side of people. Had my first film been a smash hit I wouldn’t have learnt how it feels when a film doesn’t work. Its not that I want all my films to fail but success and failure, both these things need to work simultaneously.

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You are a trained dancer, but we have never really seen you in groovy numbers. Why so?
Yes, I am a trained dancer, but I don’t dance anymore as I had a knee injury. I just manage few steps and workout.

All your films have been clean and family entertainers. Aren’t you open to bold roles & skin show?
I am not comfortable with bold roles and I haven’t been offered any bold role as such. I come from a small town and so I am not very comfortable. Having said that never say never is also what I believe in. But as of now no bold roles.

5 qualities that make you have an edge over others?
I am a positive spiritual person. I have that spunk in me. I also believe that being genuine and honest gets diluted in the industry but I do speak up my mind.

Every one loves the three ruling Khans, which qualities of each of the Khan do you admire?
I am a big fan of Shah Rukh Khan. Ever since I started watching films, I loved SRK. He is the most romantic person on screen and off screen too he is wonderful. I love his energy, his wit and many more things.

'Salman Khan has a magical touch'

I am also smitten by Aamir Khan’s choice of films. I would love to learn the way he chooses his scripts. While Salman Khan has the magical touch, each and every film that he does is a smash hit.

Everyone has one dream role, what is yours?
I don’t have a specific image of a role that I wish to do, but yes something which is different and someone who hasn’t done ever.

If you had to swap your life with an actor who would it be?
I don’t want my life to swap with any actor. I am happy being me.

One quality that we aren’t aware about you?
I now focus on my style, do my make-up and I style my outfit. Not only fashion designing, cooking is also something what I love the most.

If not an actor, then what you would have been?
I would have been a fashion designer. I would have my own bakery.

Is looking good important in the industry?
It’s a visual medium and you need to look fit, taking care of yourself is utmost important. It’s all about having a healthy lifestyle and eating right.

Tell us about your fitness regime?
I train 6 days a week. I have my share of cheat days. Usually, Sundays I binge on chocolates. I love chocolates, jalebis. I love everything cooked by my mom especially Aloo Ka Paratha.

What are your future projects?
I will be seen in a special appearance in MUBARAKAN and this is the first film I am paring up with Arjun Kapoor. It was fun filming with him. It also has Anil Kapoor. Its mad, fun and so much energy, the film hits the screens on 28 July 2017.

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