Neha Sharma: Intimate scenes in JAYANTABHAI not to attract eye-balls

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These days where anti-rom coms are working big time & order of the day and more filmmakers are opting for this genre rather than telling a conventional love saga, one wonders how Vivek Oberoi-Neha Sharma starrer JAYANTABHAI KI LUV STORY, which is an out-and-out love story, will make a place in people's heart.

However, the lead actress Neha says people will well connect with the film as it's not a cliche'd love story. ''JAYANTABHAI is not a cliche'd love story because it's not a love story between two people who are bound to fall in love or a rich boy poor girl love tale & vice-versa. It's a love story of two odd people who are completely different from each other. They don't plan to fall in love. And the two don't even realize how they fall for each other with the turn of events,'' says Neha.

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Neha is all praise for her co-star Vivek, with whom she is paired opposite in the film, ''With all the experience that Vivek comes he was really helpful and kind. He guided me on every stage. He went out of his way to help me as an actor. I learnt a lot with JAYANTABHAI with Vivek being there.''

Ask Neha if off-screen bond with co-star helps to exude better chemistry on-screen, which is quite a trend these days, and she says, ''I think that's b$&&sh%t and really crap because there are off-screen couples, who have been disastrous at Box-office. You don't need to have chemistry or be in awe of or develop camaraderie off-screen to create magic on-screen. I don't believe that off-screen rapport or being close helps co-stars to perform well. But that doesn't mean me and Vivek did not get along well. We did. In fact, I have observed even if there is tension or bad blood between the co-stars their chemistry looks great on the frame.''

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Neha may have done her debut (CROOK) with actor Emraan Hashmi, known as serial kisser in Bollywood and later starred in the adult-comedy like KYAA SUPER KOOL HAIN HUM, but she did her first ever intimate scenes in the film JAYANTABHAI KI LUV STORY.

So, probe Neha what made shed her inhibitions at this stage and she reasons, ''I wasn't comfortable with the idea of doing KYA SUPER KOOL HAIN HUM initially. My first instinct for KYA SUPER KOOL… was a straight No. But once I went on board I wanted to do because I found it challenging. I then did it with both my arms open. For me it has been wonderful experience. Now that I look back at that film I feel it was important because as an actor it opened me.''

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She further adds, ''I am basically a very conservative person. I probably have born in wrong time. I should have been born a couple of decades earlier (laughs). I did have my reservations during my first film CROOK and was not comfortable doing certain things. But with JAYANTABHAI I feel those scenes were required. That is a very important moment in the film. As per the story and screenplay it did make sense and it was not done to attract eyeballs. I think with time and after doing few films you became more and more comfortable.''

Directed by Vinnil Markan, produced by Kumar Tuarni's Tips Films, JAYANTABHAI KI LUV STORY hits the screen today i.e. February 15, 2013.


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