Neha Sharma: TUM BIN II was emotionally draining


Gorgeous, funny and chirpy actress Neha Sharma coming from a non-filmy background has made her mark in the industry. Neha is known to take up different roles and has charmed the audience with her romantic stint in YOUNGISTAAN and also tickled funny bones in KYAA SUPER KOOL HAI HUM.

Apart from being a budding star in Bollywood, she has made her mark in Telugu films as well. She was last seen in short film KRITI with Manoj Bajpayee was widely appreciated.

She will now be seen in TUM BIN II which is a new-age version to TUM BIN, which released 16 years ago.


In an exclusive conversation with Neha, she spoke about TUM BIN II, her idea of love, and shared about working with her co-stars Aditya Seal, Aashim Gulati.

How did you bag the role of TUM BIN II?
I was doing short films and a casting agency approached me saying the makers are looking for a girl and suggested I should audition for the same and I did so, and to my surprise I got a confirmation call that I have been selected for the role.

Before giving auditions did you watch the original TUM BIN?
Yes, I had seen the movie and at that time I was too young to understand the movie. Later I again saw it and understood the movie.


As TUM BIN is a popular movie, how different is TUM BIN II from the original one?
It’s very different. Times have changed but the emotion of love remains the same. You will come across such people in real life and one will surely relate to it.

How relatable is TUM BIN II in today’s era?
It is relatable as the girl is very real and of today’s time. She is a simple next door girl and comes across one guy and eventually the other guy likes her and she has to decide which one she should choose. There is love, romance and abundance of emotions.

As the movie is quite emotional was the shoot too draining for you?
(Laughs), I mean how do I explain in fact when we were given the briefing we were told it’s a romantic film and we started shooting for all the heavy and emotional scenes. All of us believed that TUM BIN II was only an emotional film with lack of romance, and then we asked Anubhav sir if there is any light moments too and then he burst out laughing. Actually sir wanted us to finish the heavy scenes first. In fact I was so drained shooting for emotional scenes that it took a toll on me as I was constantly crying and enacting these scenes on the loop.


How similar or different are you to your character in the film?
I am not at all similar with the on-screen character that I portray in TUM BIN II. In fact I am more happy-go lucky and fun loving person.

What does love mean to you?
Love is a beautiful and I don’t think love has an era. The feeling is the same but we emote it differently.

Amongst three of you, who is the biggest prankster?
Aditya and Aashim are really big pranksters; they would actually end up doing some or the other mischief. But still Aashim is little shant as compared to Aditya.

Coming from a non-filmy family, was it tough for you to sustain?
I had my share of ups and down, I am happy that the audience has accepted me and I am getting good amount of work. I feel blessed that I have sustained almost for 7-8 years and that’s what makes it evitable that I am here to stay.

Where do you see yourself after 5 years?
Some good movies in hand and lots of love from fans!