Nidhhi Agerwal: I admire Deepika Padukone, her growth has been phenomenal

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Nidhhi Agerwal, who made her debut opposite Tiger Shroff in MUNNA MICHAEL two months back is already enjoying being under media scanner. The one film old actress is happy with the attention that’s coming her way and is not at all bothered by any kind of link-up rumors.

As Nidhhi will be seen next in KriArj Entertainments’ production, in a candid interview she shares how she should be more thankful rather than being sad that her first film didn’t do that well at the box-office.

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Also the young actress talks about how she wanted to inspire all those people who aspire to become actor through her open letter that she penned post release of MUNNA MICHAEL.


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Tell us about the project that you have bagged with KriArj Entertainment?
Well it’s true that I am working with KriArj. And I will be telling you all about it very soon as I can’t speak about it right now.

Describe yourself as a person in one word
I think it would be kind because I think kindness is the solution to every problem in the world. And hardworking is the other word that could describe me.

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In your debut film you have worked with Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Sabbir Khan and Tiger so how was your experience of working with all of them?
It was very good as I got to learn so much from each one of them also I learned how much of a hard work it takes to become an actor, to actually perform and deliver. In my first film I have proven that I can be in the same frame as Tiger, Nawaz sir but I think now from my second film onwards will also have to prove myself as an actor even more. So now I am working very hard on my next film as we will start shooting maybe sometime in January. I have been working everyday whether it’s my acting, my dancing or my physique on just myself. So I work every day on myself.

So have you acquired any special training in acting?
Yeah I have joined theatre; I have never done theatre before in my life, actually I am not even a trained actor or anything. I have given some auditions and it’s just like naturally whatever came but yeah I am learning theatre now because there is a whole process like method acting. After shooting my first film I realized that sometimes on set you don’t really always feel the scene, you are distracted sometimes or your concentration is not 100%. So I just wanted a method to get into my character and have 100% concentration, so I am learning that now.

When exactly did this acting keeda bit you?
To be really honest it is a very clichéd story (smiles) I always wanted to be an actor but I am a normal girl like any of you all and come from a normal family. I didn’t even know a single person in this industry. I have been obsessed with watching TV my entire life. The movies that I watched on TV I always wanted to be in them. I kept dreaming then I started modelling that was my first step then people started noticing my pictures and then one after the other thing kept happening. It was a very tough journey you know. As it took me two years to get my first film because I didn’t know anyone so even getting a meeting with someone was tough but I am here today so yeah things have been good.

Any specific actor that inspired you to be an actress?
I like Deepika Padukone a lot she is also from Bangalore so when she got OM SHANTI OM every single person in Bangalore was talking about Deepika being a Banglore girl who is going to star opposite Shah Rukh Khan and that was a big thing so I really look up to Deepika. I love her growth from what she was in her first film to what she is today just the amount of growth that she had is phenomenal and that’s what inspires me the most as that’s the most important thing to grow.

Tell us how difficult it is to bag a film, especially when you are an outsider?
It is very difficult as you don’t know anyone. Nobody is waiting for you to grow up or they don’t even know that you exist right. So you need to work harder to get noticed by them. So many people want to be actors so many people come to city like Bombay and go to an audition. You need to perform very well in that one opportunity whether its meeting or audition. You need to push yourself and it is very hard it takes like years for people to notice you and for them to give you a break. Now when I look back at my decision of moving to Bombay and wanting to be an actor I think I am crazy but at that point of time I wanted to do it so badly that I left everything and came.

So what was your family’s reaction when you bagged your first film?
They were very happy. My family has never put any kind of pressure. They have been very supportive from day one. They have always said that you complete your studies first and after that you do whatever you want. So yeah they were very happy when I bagged my debut film. My dad himself used to do back flip in martial arts in his younger days so he has always liked Tiger a lot so yes he was very happy. They were happy that Tiger being a nice boy treated me well.

You wrote a very emotional post MUNNA MICHAEL’s release so what exactly made you to pen your thoughts?
I think that was a very tricky time for me because of so many highs and lows at the same time that I found it difficult that you know I come from a business family. I haven’t been judged on such a big scale before. When I was shooting for the film I didn’t even think of what people are going to say after watching it. I thought nothing because I knew nothing on set so I was just focusing on getting my shots right and not screw up. After the film released so many opinions came my way and that is not wrong at all. That is what it is to be an actor that everyone is going to have an opinion. So it’s too overwhelming all of a sudden and I went through that cycle of that high and that low again so came out of that and I wanted to let other young people know who dreams and has faced difficulties so I just wanted to inspire them and tell them that you know things will be okay don’t worry about it. Do your work, focus on what you have to do, be better with every project that you get and that’s all you can do and you will. I have come from nowhere to here so I am sure that everything will be good ahead also. But yeah I just wanted to comfort the other struggling people with the challenges that they face.

So what are your thoughts on nepotism the on-going debate in Bollywood?
This is like the most trending word right now. Honestly like many people have said that I don’t know why it is a debate because it’s there in every field and not just in Bollywood. If somebody has a business their son or daughter takes over that’s how it is and it’s unfortunate but it’s just the way of society it’s always has been but nobody questioned it but I am happy that people are questioning it now. I think in the long run talent is what sustains whether you come from a film background or not. So five years from now let’s see who all are spoken about. So yeah it definitely does exist.

One thing that you learned when your debut film didn’t live up to your expectations
Actually to be really honest the film didn’t do well at the box office but then it didn’t do that bad at all. It certainly did well compare to lot of other films. As a debutant I don’t think I should talk about box-office because I don’t even know anything about box office. I should just be happy that my first film has done well and I got so much of love not a single person knew me but now when I step out people know me they want to get clicked with me. So I have got so much of love in the last 2-3 months it’s worth it. It inspires me to work harder. I have got way more than what I had expected or would have ever thought. It’s still my dream project because I had so much to do in it , I had so many dances too many scenes with Tiger, Nawaz sir so yeah I don’t have any complaint. And even with other films like with KriArj or any other that I would be doing in the future are all because they have seen me in MUNNA MICHAEL. I actually have no regrets genuinely. I felt very bad the next day (of release) like I said in my letter. The next weekend I felt very low but now that I think about it was wrong of me to feel like that because I have just started and I can’t be so greedy.

There have been reports that you and Aditya Roy Kapur are more than good friends? So what do you have to say about it?
Oh God (laughs) I have no comment on that

Now that you have become an actress does being constantly under media scanner annoys you?
No I love it (laughs heartily) I have worked so hard to get noticed my whole life. So now people are noticing me. The media has been very kind to me. So yeah I love the media and the paparazzi too.

So what about link up rumours?
It’s fine. Like even when you go to school there’s always ‘ohh this boy likes that girl’ or vice versa or ‘ohh something’s happening between them’ etc. So it happens right from our school and college days and now it’s happening in our profession too so, I am fine and it’s very normal.

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