Nidhi Subbaiah: Bollywood is a different world altogether

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Trisha Krishnan made her Bollywood debut with KHATTA MEETHA a couple of years back but hasn’t really looked back at Hindi films again. Ileana D’Cruz spent quite some time contemplating before agreeing to play a de-glam main lead in BARFI! Both were superstars in their own right when they landed on the sets of a Hindi film and hence had to go through some cultural as well as status shift.

view AJAB GAZABB LOVE stills
view AJAB GAZABB LOVE stills

Though they never complained about anything while working on these films, it is understandable that some superstars do get a tad uncomfortable about attention and acknowledgment when they travel geographies. However that was not the case with Nidhi Subbaiah, another experienced actor from down South with 10 films to her credit, when she found a main lead part in AJAB GAZABB LOVE.

“I know. Some actors may find that transition tough and I can understand that because not many would want to start from the very beginning all over again. To each his/her own though; I am fine either ways,” smiles Nidhi who is enjoying her days of extensive promotion for her Hindi film, “I have to understand that Bollywood is a different world altogether and it would be unfair on my part to get similar acknowledgment as I get down South.”

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Now that her film with Jackky Bhagnani is less than a month away from release, she isn’t spinning any sure about what she is going to do next. “But then same was the case for my South films too; they just happened,” she smiles, “I am a bad planner and don’t really know what I would be doing 2-3 months down the line.”

She substantiates this claim by talking about the recent impromptu trip to Leh. “Yeah, I just decided to go to Leh and packed my bags for there a few weeks back. Of course it was great fun. I expect similar fun with the release of AJAB GAZABB LOVE as well. I know that this film would connect with all age groups since it is a romcom.”

We would know when the film releases all over on 24th October 2012.

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