No adult content in AJAB GAZABB LOVE, says Jackky

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Jackky Bhagnani is having some real fun even as he along with his co-star Nidhi Subbaiah is going through some massive all-India tour for the promotion of AJAB GAZABB LOVE. While the film has hit the screens today, Jackky promises that the Sanjay Gadhvi directed affair is full on fun, masti and mazaa without even trying to be pretentious about anything out of the world in the offering.

view AJAB GAZABB LOVE stills
view AJAB GAZABB LOVE stills

“The film is a total dhamaal and it is as clean as it gets. There are no double meaning dialogues or any adult content out there. It is a film where people can go with their entire family and share jokes. At the same time we are not even promising any award winning film. This isn’t a film that would get us awards or ensure that it gets an Oscars nomination,” smiles Jackky whose last year’s release F.A.L.T.U was a good success.

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He isn’t aiming at being over confident though there are quite a few positives riding on the film. While music by Sajid-Wajid has already turned out to be successful, director Sanjay Gadhvi is raring to go. Meanwhile producer Vashu Bhagnani has not spared any expense in making sure that the film not just carries a lavish look but also sees a very good release for itself.

“This is the reason why when people out there start recognizing the fact that a film called AJAB GAZABB LOVE is coming, it is a great feeling. Honestly, we were not even a dark horse till some time back; in fact I would say that if there was something even behind that, we were that. Today, when there is some level of curiosity that has been built around it then that’s good enough. When there are so many films releasing all around you and still our promos are making an impact, it says something about the product. We are a Fiat in between all the Ferraris all around us and still in the race; that’s good enough,” he smiles.

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