No Bon Appétit for CHEF Saif, Varun’s JUDWAA 2 approaches a century!

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The main release of this week, Saif Ali Khan’s CHEF, failed to whet the appetite of the audience, opening barely to a 10-15 percent start. While CHEF will definitely improve as the weekend progress, but the poor opening may just mean a little too late. The first day may well be around the 2 crore mark, give or take 50 lakhs.

The remaining releases of the week were also quite ordinary, but can still hope to turn the tide, during the remaining days of the weekend.

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Meanwhile, Varun Dhawan’s JUDWAA 2 continued its winning run and ended the opening week netting in excess of 95 crores from India. The film, which is already a hit, is sure to end up as a super hit, given that it is once again the preferred choice of the audience even during the second week and by a long shot.

JUDWAA 2 is also superb in the overseas, and just as an example, the film has grossed $875,000, during the opening week from the US.

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