No more delay, Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif all set to BANG BANG

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Contrary to speculations making the rounds, BANG BANG is all set to make noise right on schedule. Though rumor mongers have been having a field day stating that the Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif starrer would be pushed further away, our reliable sources insist that there is absolutely no truth to that.

download BANG BANG wallpapers
download BANG BANG wallpapers

“It is 2nd October for BANG BANG, period,” confirms our source, “There is absolutely no ways that the film would move ahead. This is a major date for the film, especially since 2nd October is a Thursday and a National holiday. By no means are the makers (Fox) looking at letting go off this lucrative four day long weekend.”

The rumors started making the rounds though since the film has been pushed ahead a couple of times. Moreover, due to personal issues faced by Hrithik, there was a buzz in the air that he was not in a correct frame of mind to shoot at stretch.

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As has turned out though, all of that is nothing but hearsay.

Our source adds, “Hrithik is too professional for things like these to bother him for long. Yes, he is going through a personal turmoil but then he is adapting to the changing scenario as well. He has already experienced a lot of pain, both physical as well as mental for last so many months. Now he is starting afresh. He has just turned 40 earlier this year and BANG BANG is just the right film with which he wants to arrive with a bang. Pun intended.”

Now isn’t that a hearty news indeed for all Hrithik and Katrina fans?

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