Nothing in common between Emraan in EK THI DAAYAN & Hrithik in GUZAARISH

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In a career spanning 10 years, Emraan Hashmi has played quite a few characters that have bordered on being mysterious or mystical. However playing an illusionist for Balaji’s EK THI DAAYAN has been a first for him. Though within the industry he has a predecessor in the form of Hrithik Roshan, courtesy GUZAARISH, Emraan as well as his director Kannan Iyer were sure that the illusions created as well as the on-screen persona would have absolutely nothing in common. Instead, the source of inspiration was chosen as renowned illusionist David Copperfield.

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“Hrithik and Emraan are two entirely different personalities and you can’t expect them to step into each other’s shoes. That would be sacrilege,” says a source attached to EK THI DAAYAN, “Moreover, the core theme of the two films is different. In case of GUZAARISH it was very important to introduce Hrithik as a flamboyant magician. In fact a lot has to be attributed to the opulent treatment that Sanjay Leela Bhansali gives to his films. However, EK THI DAAYAN follows a far more realistic route.”

It is due to this reason as the fact that Emraan enjoys a mass connect with a large audience base that resulted in his persona being kept more real. Thus David Copperfield came into the picture.

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“Yes, it was a conscious call,” confirms Kannan. “There is a stereotype image that the industry has in general when it comes to magicians and illusionists. What Hrithik and Bhansali did in GUZAARISH was taking it all to the next level. However to have Emraan do something similar would have been weird in the context of Ek THI DAAYAN. We have played down the whole stylised look and feel of the sequences when the action unfolds. Of course what you would still end up seeing is something unique and exciting which goes as per Emraan’s image and persona. In fact if you look at the promos carefully, there are glimpses of that already on. Once Emraan is on screen, you would be reminded of David Copperfield.”

We are waiting to catch hold of that on April 18!

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