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Now, a film on life of Coffee Mogul V G Siddhartha, who brewed millions!

T Series & Prabhleen Kaur Sandhu of Almighty Motion Picture in association with Karma Media Entertainment has acquired the adaptation rights of the upcoming book titled Coffee King: The Swift Rise and Sudden Death of Cafe Coffee Day Founder V G Siddhartha from Anish Chandy of Labyrinth Literary Agency.

The book has been written by investigative journalists, Rukmini BR and Prosenjit Datta and will be published by Pan Macmillan (India).

Bhushan Kumar, Chairman & Managing Director, T-Series says, “Everyone is acquainted about Cafe Coffee Day as a brand, we are quite ecstatic to bring this intriguing biopic of the man who co-founded the country’s largest retail-chain.”

Producer Prabhleen Kaur Sandhu, Almighty Motion Picture says, “Cafe Coffee Day is one of India’s most beloved brands and we will be adapting all the nuances of the story of its architect, VG Siddhartha on screen. This is a deeply researched book which gives us a lot of scope to bring out unknown facets of this great entrepreneur’s life.”

Co-writer of the book, Rukmini BR adds, “Siddhartha’s story is filled with thrilling twists and turns in every stage of his life. Almighty Motion Picture’s track record of bringing complex human stories to screen makes this adaptation an exciting proposition for us.”

Co-writer of the book, Prosenjit Datta further adds, “Siddhartha was simultaneously the most humble businessman as well as an exceedingly ambitious one. We are capturing this contradiction in both the book and on screen.”

Producer Shaailesh R Singh, Karma Media and Entertainment concludes, “It’s one of the most exciting project of my career.”


Nikki Tamboli

Hina Khan

Avika Gor

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