Now an analytical tool for Box office collections


Bollywood is synonymous with entertainment and the business of entertainment is steadily gaining momentum with large scale productions coming up in quick successions. So much so that more and more corporates are now actively involved in the business of film making. Hundreds of crores are invested, but there is no thumb rule to back a decision.

Given an opportunity, it becomes difficult for an investor to conclude on whom to invest the monies on – ‘stars’ or actors, director, etc. and on what basis. There are no benchmarking tools to create a project plan the way we have in stock markets and any other asset class. Addressing this concern, has launched ‘Bollywood Box Office’ app ( to analyse the business of entertainment, in terms of ‘Box-Office Collections’. It provides a basis to study and analyze the box office collections vis-a-vis the various facts and factors involved in the business of film making.

“The business of entertainment is said to be unorganised. We at aggregate the data and offer the same in a systematic format. Also in this digital age, when everything is on the fingertips, we are offering the Box Office app with a number of analytical tools. The tools can help the industry/stake holders analyse the various facts and factors about the fate of a film/project or the trends of various key people like the actors, directors, etc.,” said the co-founders Nitin Sethi & Bhavik Shah.


A few of the features that the app provides (in its beta release) are as following:

Box office Collections
This tool gives you various options like Territory-wise collections, City-wise collections, Week-wise collections and Week-wise collection comparison.
All these are represented with graphs and charts for better understanding.

The trends tool allows one to pick up a criteria (actor/producer/director/etc) and study the trend of the criteria’s movies. The trends are for a year each too.


Top 10 grossers
This tool pulls up data of the top 10 performing movies over a period of time.

Festive release
This tool helps analyse films released during a particular festive week/season/month. Something like a Diwali week release or an Eid week release and not to forget the IPL season release.

This tool helps compare and study among 2 movies, which territories has each performed better than the other, etc. e.g. A Bajrangi Bhaijaan Vs Bahubali.


Combination tool
A combination of an artist and director or two actors coming together, etc has also given successful case studies in the past. This tool helps in analysing the same.

Comparison Analysis
This is the most basic tool in terms of comparing a director with another or may be an actor Vs another

The app is currently available on android and can be downloaded here: