Now Taapsee Pannu takes up an initiative impart sanitary education

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Taapsee Pannu has made her way to viewer’s heart by her powerful performances in films like PINK and NAAM SHABANA. She showcased what gender equality and women empowerment is through these films.


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Not just in reel but in real life too the actress has been vocal about her opinion on women empowerment and equality. Taapsee is now working together with Techfest, IIT Bombay towards promoting sanitary education by distribution of sanitary napkins in villages & by organizing self-defense workshops for women. Taapsee was seen addressing and delivering a keynote on this at the Techfest.

At Techfest to take this message forward Taapsee said, “I have never understood why mensuration has always been such a hushed topic and always has code words to address it or talk about it. Probably that's one of the reasons why the sanitary health of women could not really improve because discussing about it freely was a taboo. It's a natural and extremely critical aspect of womanhood which surely needs to be discussed and addressed so people understand it better. Delighted to see the students of IIT Bombay are working in this direction and extremely happy to extend my support for the same.”

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Techfest presents social initiatives every year to lead the society towards eradicating some of the social problems and this year Taapsee has collaborated with the team as the face for this women empowerment initiative.

We are proud of you Taapsee. Keep it up

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