OH ‘Shit’ Sid.. Oh Shit


My Dear Sidharth Malhotra

Oh Shit.. Oh ‘Shit’.. I don't want to ‘piss’ you off but your recent ‘toilet’ katha (latrine comment) while trying to speak Bhojpuri to promote AIYAARY at Salman Khan hosted Bigg Boss 11 show is disgustingly hard to digest.

Oh Dear, the STUDENT OF THE YEAR sensation of 2012 is still a temptation especially amongst the female folks but both sadly and shockingly, the ‘student’ has still to learn the basic art of keeping the 'mass' audience happy and play to the gallery. 


Look at the irony, even after having a renowned ‘Bihari’ actor like Manoj Bajpayee you couldn’t speak a line in ‘Bhojpuri’ properly. Anyways, the language which gave you a “latrine wali feeling’ while speaking is an Indo-Aryan language spoken chiefly in eastern Uttar Pradesh, western Bihar, and in extreme northwestern part of Jharkhand in India. Internationally Bhojpuri is a recognized language in Nepal, Guyana, Suriname, and Mauritius.

Was the simple, light, nutritious and delicious ‘Litti Chokha’ (a famous dish in Bihar) too heavy for the Delhi boy born on rich and heavy ‘parathas’ and dal makhani that gave you such a feeling? See what your comment has done, it recollected Manoj Bajpayee as a ‘Bihari’ and you as a Punjabi from Delhi. So unfortunate.

You came on the show with a good intention to promote your upcoming movie and this unfortunate incident happened and I believe it’s not ‘scripted’ the way reality shows are. Thanks to the PADMAAVAT storm at that time, your ‘loose’ statement failed to get the ‘motion’ it required and now the miss call is getting answered with the youth taking to the streets shouting slogans against you and threatening to lodge FIRs all across the country.


However the intervention of Manoj Bajpayee has saved you from the legal hassle as reportedly Bhojpuri actor turned politician Manoj Tiwari has agreed to stop his supporters from taking legal action.

But what about the feelings of millions voiced by actress Neetu Chandra in her reaction. The actress slammed you on social media for disrespecting the language and wrote "So disappointed @S1dharthM some1who is so fortunate 2 work wd d best. Who despite being an outsider has made a name 4 himself,4 U 2 use ur words so loosely.2 disrespect #Bhojpuri on national TV. SHOCKED! How on earth does speaking in #Bhojpuri gives u a latrine feeling.Shame on U."

It seems that you have realized your mistake and posted on your social media handle by smartly playing the innocence card and saying, “ I recently tried speaking a new language while I was on a TV show. In the process if I inadvertently hurt anyone's feelings or sentiments, I apologize and assure you that no disrespect was meant in any way."


How naïve of you not to hear what you are speaking and what it means..

Anyways, more of hurting the sentiments of the people speaking Bhojpuri, it’s a joke that you made on yourself is more alarming and what the hell was Bajpayee, Salman, Rakul and channel bosses doing when the incident happened.

Unsolicited suggestion as an Indian to you Sidharth Malhotra aka Sid. WAKE UP SID and learn to respect languages and remove yourself from this self created shit.

Clue – you can take help from your fellow student and your ‘favourite’ Alia Bhatt who played a ‘Bihari’ labour in UDTA PUNJAB.




OH ‘Shit’ Sid.. Oh Shit 2

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