OMG! Aamir Khan didn’t pay heed to Salman Khan’s this advice!

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Aamir Khan is indeed a perfectionist and has worked a lot on his body for his film DANGAL, which is slated to hit the theaters next month.

Well this isn’t the first film on wrestling that is releasing this year, few months back Salman Khan’s SULTAN too was based on similar lines.

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We have often seen Salman khan and Aamir khan bonding over body and fitness since long. They are good friends from their famous 90’s film that they did together ANDAZ APNA APNA.

As reported by the media, Salman Khan’s fitness expert also happens to be Aamir Khan’s body transformation trainer, and if reports are to be believed, then Salman has helped and advised a lot to Aamir about wrestling and fitness.

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To an extent Salman advised Aamir that he shouldn’t work towards making six pack abs as wrestlers aren’t seen flaunting six packs abs on the other hand they have a different body strength which is on muscular side.

But Aamir being a perfectionist didn’t pay heed to Salman’s advice and went ahead with six pack abs and is now seen flaunting and endorsing it.

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At the recently held promotional event of DANGAL, Aamir was seen flaunting and speaking about six packs abs.

When media quizzed Aamir about Salman’s advice to him on not working on six pack abs Aamir had a pretty convincing answer and opined, “I have a view that wrestlers are strong and there are many wrestlers that I have seen with abs, especially the recent ones and I am not flaunting or promoting anything. It’s a film on real life and I am aware about my body type and what the role demands.”

“It’s not that I have disregarded or didn’t pay heed to Salman I am thankful to Aamir for his advice.” added Aamir.

Hope like SULTAN fared well, even Aamir’s DANGAL hits the right chord!

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