OMG! John Abraham is fan of this actor!

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FORCE 2 is set to hit the theaters next Friday and lead actors Sonakshi Sinha and John Abraham are leaving no stone unturned to promote the movie.

Recently the cast had gone to Comedy Nights Bachao to promote their upcoming flick. While there are reports that John Abraham walked out of the show as the host Krushna Abhishek went overboard with jokes.

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But before this serious incident well known comedian Mubeen Saudagar made John fall for his comic timings.

A source present on the sets informed that, “In a special integration episode of Comedy Nights Bachao, the lead cast of FORCE 2 had appeared on the show to promote their film.

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To amplify entertainment quotient in the show, Mubeen emerged as a crazy female fan of John Abraham who came just to catch a glimpse of her favorite star. The comic act of Mubeen was so hilarious that it made John and Sonakshi laugh out loud leaving them in splits. To add it further in one of the segments in the show, the comedian made a funny dubbing of FORCE 2’s promo, which was so humorous that that lead’s just couldn’t stop laughing.

That’s just not all! John Abraham was so highly impressed by the comical dubbing of the promo by Mubeen, that he made the announcement that this particular act from henceforth would be used for their movie’s promotion in all the forthcoming promotional tours.

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Talking about it Mubeen says, “It was absolute fun to entertain John and Sonakshi.

While I was performing I could see that they just couldn’t hold back their laughter and it was complete surprise to me when they stated that they are using my act for their promotions. It’s a great feeling to get that kind of appreciation.”

John is truly a humble person!

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