OMG OH MY GOD! worked despite piracy, says Umesh Shukla

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OMG OH MY GOD! is still in the running and director Umesh Shukla is happy that during last four weeks of its run, the film has managed to gain best word of mouth amidst all the competition.

view OMG OH MY GOD! stills
view OMG OH MY GOD! stills

“That has happened because it has touched the common man. In such scenarios, people watch it two or even three times, which is quite huge considering the fact that the film’s pirated DVDs were all over the stands on the first day of release itself. However people didn’t just ask others to watch it, they also went along to have a repeat dekho. That was the real win,” he says in an emphatic tone.


No wonder, it was time for Bollywood to benefit as Umesh managed to hit back in a major way with OMG after a not-so-successful debut with DHOONDTE REH JAOGE. So much so that OMG has turned out to be a success not just in India but also overseas. Quite an achievement considering the fact that the central protagonist (Paresh Rawal) came with the tag of a character artist. Also, what worked in favour of the film was the fact that audience went back smiling instead of feeling the burden of going through a preachy saga.

“That was always the endeavour”, immediately says Umesh, “We never wanted the film to be preachy since entertainment had to be the core of it all. In fact I feel particularly sad about the fact that the film couldn’t release in Singapore and UAE. We were carrying such a noble motive due to which it is all the more disturbing to know that they felt we are challenging religious sentiments. I hope people out there watch it on DVD now and realise that there wasn’t anything wrong about the film.”

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