OMG! Sunny Leone has a make-up disaster!

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For any actress fashion is incomplete without a good & appealing-to-the-eye make-up. But unfortunately even Hollywood fails in impressing with their greasepaint (the recent case being Angelina Jolie’s make-up mishap). & seems like the trend has come up in Bollywood too!
While we earlier spotted Sushant Singh Rajput’s live-in partner Ankita Lokhande making a fashion disaster, famous Bollywood actress Sunny Leone has now followed the same footsteps.

No matter how hot Sunny would have looked at a recent event, her make-up disaster was quite evident & that was just a spoiler for all Sunny fans.

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When you have a closer look towards her eyes, you will notice that Leone’s make-up isn’t complete or rather ‘too white’ for her face!

Although we love you Sunny Leone, we hope you hire a better make-up artist for your next event!

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