One-year-old tigress killed in Panna reserve

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Panna (Madhya Pradesh), Nov 16 (IANS) A one-year-old tigress came under the wheels of a speeding vehicle inside the Panna National Park. Actor Randeep Hooda shared a video clip highlighting the “victim of human thoughtlessness”.

The accident took place in Akola on the Panna-Katni state highway. “An unknown vehicle passing through the area crushed the skull of the one-year-old tigress cub,” Uttam Sharma, Field Director at the reserve confirmed the news and said a probe was on to nab the culprits.

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Randeep sharing the video of the cub run over by a vehicle, tweeted: “When we try to build a road in every wild area, without any mitigation or consideration. Another victim of human thoughtlessness?,” he wrote with the video.

“#Tiger run over by a speeding vehicle on a “road” on the outskirts of #PannaTigerReserve .. please drive carefully around #wildlife areas.”

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The video showed forest officials picking up the corpse of the tiger and putting it in the back of a jeep.

Randeep is also a keen wildlife enthusiast.

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