Order allergy-friendly food soon on Uber Eats

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San Francisco, Sep 27 (IANS) Uber Eats has announced to roll out allergy-friendly filters for people with allergies or dietary restrictions to order with the online delivery platform.

You can filter and find restaurants that are allergy friendly.

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“When choosing a dish, you can easily communicate your allergy and dietary restrictions to these restaurants through the app,” the company said on Thursday.

If a restaurant can’t accommodate a request, they will message the customer and provide an opportunity to order another item that fits their needs, it added.

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Since its launch nearly 4 years ago, more than 1 billion orders have been delivered to customers across 36 countries and in over 500 cities on Uber Eats.

In a bid to help reduce plastic waste, Uber Eats users will now have to request straws, utensils and other additional items when you place your order.

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“Restaurants should no longer include them by default,” said the company.



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