PAD MAN not released yet in Pakistan

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Indian actor Akshay Kumar's PAD MAN a film highlighting awareness on menstrual hygiene, has not yet been released in Pakistan. But a senior official says it has not been denied a No Objection Certificate (NOC) for import into Pakistan.

PAD MAN tells a story of a Arunachalam Muruganantham's journey to make affordable sanitary napkins. A section of the media have said that it has been banned in Pakistan due to its sensitive subject.

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But Pakistan Censor Board chief Mobashir Hasan says the decision on NOC was yet to be taken as the film had not yet been "pre-viewed by the Central Board of Film Censors".

A statement, posted on Hasan's Twitter account and shared with IANS via a messaging app, read: "The decision to issue an NOC by the Ministry of Information Broadcasting National History and Literary Heritage is yet to be taken on the release of a foreign feature film PAD MAN as the film has not yet been pre-viewed by the … Censors."

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A Pakistani media report said Pakistani film importers have come under attack over the Akshay Kumar-starrer on grounds of ruining Islamic traditions, history and culture.

Hasan then said: "The decision to grant NOC to the subject film will be based on the merit and criteria of the … Censors, not vexatious, false and irresponsible political motives being created on various media platforms on the back of the film.

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"It is advisable to maintain principles of integrity whilst making statements on any issues… Good values are the foundation upon which we will build a prosperous Pakistan, not upon a decision of releasing a solitary film," he added.

Directed by R. Balki, PAD MAN is based on a short story from Twinkle Khanna's book "The Legend Of Lakshmi Prasad". It released in India, Russia, Ivory Coast and Iraq on Friday.

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