Pallavi Sharda: Ranbir Kapoor doesn’t come across as a superstar


She may have seen mixed response coming her way as far as her first lead role in a Bollywood film is concerned. However Pallavi Sharda, leading lady of BESHARAM, is keeping her chin up. For a girl who comes with an ultra-glam western personality, she willfully stepped in as a Delhi-Punjabi girl in the Abhinav Kashyap directed affair. One wonders though if there was ever an apprehension on her part to be exposed to such kind of environment since it would have been ultra-challenging, given her Australian roots.

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“I think I always wanted to play different characters. This is what I have done in my life. I am happy to oscillate between an urban city girl and ‘desi’ girl,” says Pallavi who started her career as a small town girl in DUS TOLA opposite Manoj Bajpayee, “In any case I do come from an Indian family. I thought it would be a great challenge to be seen as this ‘desi’ girl.”

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Coming from a family which is academically inclined, she too completed her higher studies and Masters before stepping in the B-Town. With Ranbir Kapoor as her leading man, she is happy to have taken strides and be paired opposite him.

“Ranbir is such an amazing person. He is supportive, generous, gives a lot of space and understands that there is a lot of work done through team work,” she gushes, “I had no hesitation about how he would be as a co-actor. He is a brilliant actor and always on the top of the game. That was a further challenge for me only to pull myself up. Also, Abhinav was always there to push me into delivering my best. I think Ranbir doesn’t come across as a superstar that he is. He is just a hard working actor. When you see his humility, you are amazed.”



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