Pandemic turns Diwali celebrations low key for B-Towners

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Mumbai, Nov 13 (IANS) Diwali celebrations this year will be a low-key affair for most Bollywood celebrities owing to the ongoing pandemic. For some, the pandemic has barred them from reuniting with their families in their hometowns. For others, Diwali will be more of a low-key homely affair as they plan to avoid attending big parties to ensure social distancing.

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Aparshakti Khurana is rooting for a green Diwali this year owing to health scare of Covid patients. “As much as we all want this Diwali to be like other Diwalis, we have to remember that we are in the middle of a pandemic. Therefore, we should wear masks and take other precautionary measures. Also, I always encourage a green Diwali, but this year we need to have a green Diwali more than ever. Because there are Covid patients for whom pollution can be dangerous. So, being empathetic about the people around us is how we should celebrate this Diwali,” he said.

For Ishita Dutta, Diwali will be a low-key affair at home with family members. “Just like Ganpati Utsav, Navaratri and Durga Puja, Diwali is also going to be different. Generally for Diwali there are a lot of parties in the city where friends and families get together but this year is going to be very different so we are keeping it very low key. We are doing a small pre-Diwali party at home where only family members will be present. We will make sweets at home and decorate the house. Even if we are not going out, we will still dress up at home, light diyas and make rangolis to keep up with the festive spirit. But we will not burst crackers as I’m totally against it,” she told IANS.

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For Manav Kaul, this Diwali brings the pain of not being able to meet his family in his hometown as he is unable to travel. The actor shared: “Due to the pandemic, this Diwali l can’t visit and spend time with my mom, who stays in Indore with my brother. I like Diwali with less noise, so hopefully people won’t use loud firecrackers. I will be at home and will cook for my friends. That will be my Diwali with lots of light and good music.”

Mamta Sharma is missing her mega Diwali shopping and is upset as she won’t be able to hug her near and dear ones while wishing them on the festival owing to social distancing. The singer expressed: “I have always loved Diwali! I love phooljhari, sweets and shopping. This time I really missed out on the freedom of shopping due to the pandemic. I did a little bit of shopping for Diwali but did not enjoy it like I do every year. Another sad part is that I won’t be able to embrace my loved ones while wishing them Happy Diwali as I will have to follow social distancing. So, this Diwali is different from the other years.”

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The singer added: “I really want this pandemic to go away very soon and once that happens, I would want to celebrate the real Diwali once again.”

Diwali celebrations however, remain unaffected for those who generally stay away from ringing in the festival of lights in a big way. Talking about the same, actress Aahana Kumra shared: “My Diwali will be the same this year apart from the fact that I usually go and visit friends. This year I will be home and I have already done all the lighting, rangoli and other decoration to prepare my home. I am not somebody who likes to hop around too much ,and like to be in my cosy home. So this year will be not much different for me.”



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