Pankaj Tripathi elected as the state icon

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2019 has truly been a year where Pankaj Tripathi has broke barriers and norms and has excelled in every way possible. The actor won the prestigious National Award earlier this year for his work in 2017's NEWTON and soon after was conferred with the Bihar Samman, the state's highest award for an individual who has earned an honorary name for the state in his art. Pankaj Tripathi hails from a village in Bihar and still stays connected to his roots. His parents still live there and the actor visits them as often as he can. Having started from his modest routes, Pankaj Tripathi has come a long way from his village in Bihar to today being a powerhouse of talent. With filmmakers etching roles carved specially for him, Pankaj Tripathi is currently today at his prime peak being recognized vastly for his incredible talent. 
For his efforts, the actors have often been awarded and most recently was awarded by his home state, with the Bihar Samman which is an award given by the government to those individuals who have contributed to raising the honor of the state through their body of work. Owing to his ever-increasing popularity now the actor has been appointed by the government of Bihar as a State Icon. As a State Icon, Pankaj will be the face of the state and is responsible to be a changemaker and a thought leader for the youth to help them understand the importance of voting. A State Icon is to encourage the youth to look at Voting day and rights as an imperative responsibility of a citizen of this nation and will even be participating in putting this message across.
Speaking about this honor, Pankaj said, "In a democracy, voting is a huge and most important right of a common man. Whatever changes a common man wants to bring in the country he can bring it through the process of voting. Generally, today's youth have a very wrong notion considering the voting day as a holiday in the calendar. They should not think that way and should come forward in huge numbers to vote, increase the voting percentage. This is a festival of democracy and should be celebrated enthusiastically and this is the only way to bring changes in the country. It's a very important and serious responsibility conferred upon me. I come from a very common family background in a small village and getting an opportunity from home state to represent the state for an important and sensitive work is an honor for me and my family. I' ll try to work with sincerity and abide with the responsibility conferred upon me by the Election Commission of India. I'll be available whenever and wherever they needed me fulfilling my duties. It was my dream and wish to work in the interest of youth and in public domain which is soon going to be realized."
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