Pankaj Tripathi loves local experiences of new places

Pankaj Tripathi loves local experiences of new places 1

Mumbai, July 27 (IANS) Actor Pankaj Tripathi believes that travel helps in getting a perspective.

Disconnecting from the mundane and rejuvenating with every project has been the life Pankaj prefers. So, every time there’s an opportunity to shoot for schedules outside the city, he looks forward to it with gusto. He admits that before confirming the shoot dates, he always confirms the location for outdoor shoots.


Depending on whether it’s interesting or not, he marks out places he would like to visit and things he would like to do.

“There’s a beautiful line in ‘The Namesake’ — ‘Pack a pillow and a blanket. See the world. You will never regret it’. I have always been of this belief that travel helps you get perspective. Thankfully, my work involves a lot of it,” said Pankaj.

“I am often at new locations, with new sets of people. But my favourite part is to talk to the locals. There’s absolutely no one who can tell the story of the place better than the people who inhabit it. Every time I am at a new place, I always make it a point to stay a few days extra to experience the local culture, flavours and food. Sometimes I learn a lot more from it than I can from being at a shoot or reading a book,” he added.






Pankaj Tripathi loves local experiences of new places 3

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