Paresh Rawal’s intimidating look in TABLE NO. 21

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It was an eventful evening as Paresh Rawal, Rajeev Khandelwal and Tena Desae unveiled the trailer of their upcoming film, TABLE NO.21. The film is presented by Eros International in association with Next Gen Films.All the three actors enthusiastically launched the trailer of the high concept thriller. Directed by Aditya Dutt and produced by Viki Rajani, TABLE NO. 21 introduces a new genre altogether.

view FIRST LOOK LAUNCH OF TABLE NO. 21 photo gallery
view FIRST LOOK LAUNCH OF TABLE NO. 21 photo gallery

Paresh Rawal dons the role of Mr. Khan who entices Rajeev Khandelwal (Vivaan) and Tena Desae (Siya Agasthi) to play a game on TABLE NO. 21. The game has only two rules, one being that you cannot back off and the other rule is ‘If You Lie… You Die’, which is also the tag line of the film.

As simple as it sounds, the trailer reveals a very dark side of the game. Rajeev Khandelwal with his undying charm and the gorgeous Tena Desae are two players who readily agree to take a chance of playing this game for a whooping amount of 21 crores, unaware of the consequences.

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Paresh Rawal has portrayed many iconic characters in the past, but he has never looked this intimidating and his look further adds to his edgy character. While Rajeev who seems to be victimized is going make many women’s heart skip a beat! Tena Desae, who’s relatively new, looks extremely confident with the experienced actors.

TABLE NO 21 is slated to release on the 4th of January. By the looks of the trailer, the coming year is definitely going to start on a high note for Bollywood!

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