Parineeti Chopra: My brothers are my go-to people

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Mumbai, Oct 29 (IANS) On the occasion of Bhai Dooj on Tuesday, actress Parineeti Chopra shared what her brothers Sahaj and Shivang mean to her and said that they are her go-to people and the ones who know everything about her life.

“My brothers are my soulmates. They are my friends, they are my children, they are my babies they are everything. They are that special to me because now somehow the age difference that we have we have all kind of become the same age and get along so much better that’s why I love them. They are my go-to people the ones who know everything about my life,” Parineeti said.

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The actress, who is currently prepping for the upcoming biopic on badminton player Saina Nehwal, said Sahaj and Shivang are usually the ones who advice her.

“They are the ones who usually give me advice they are younger than I am but they are somehow so mature that I am the one who constantly calls them and takes advice from them. But if I had to every say anything to them I would say that be a hedonist like me, seek happiness in whatever you do and stop worrying about the future, just live in the now,” she added.

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Parineeti recalled her favourite memories with her brothers.

“I think my favourite memories with them would be the summer holidays that we would spend in Kenya, my grandparents used to stay in Kenya. Every single year for our summer holidays we used to live there and we would travel together. Growing up with them there, going to the parks there, going for Safaris seeing the wildlife I think those are my favourite memories,” she said.

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