Parineeti Chopra turns Vegetarian

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Parineeti Chopra has turned vegetarian for a few months now and we have been able to confirm this news with the sassy actress. A combination of factors has propelled Pari to make this dramatic shift in her lifestyle. Pari is a big believer of energies and eating meat was making her extremely uncomfortable. The actress has also been pushing her body daily, wanting to become fitter by the day and she feels this shift is going to be necessary for her health and fitness.

Pari confirms saying, “Though I used to never really binge on meat, I have now become a complete vegetarian and the reasons are personal, spiritual as well as for health.”

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She adds, “Becoming a vegetarian is part of a paradigm change within myself that I have been seeking for a while now. I’m a big believer of energies and eating meat was just not sitting well internally with me and I decided to give it up. Also, I have been pushing myself every single day to be fitter and have a disciplined lifestyle.”

Pari feels a vegetarian lifestyle is best suited for her life and fitness goals. “By being a vegetarian I can accomplish these goals faster and if you do it right, vegetarian lifestyle is the best possible thing you can do for your body. I believe that eating vegetarian food is not only tastier but is also a healthier way of living but this just for me. I don’t think it is right for me to preach how others should eat or not but for me personally, this is the better path,” she says.

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