Prabhu Hum Ko Shama Kar: Jatin Pandit & Raahul Jatin on their prayer amidst Corona epidemic, hope and more

Prabhu Hum Ko Shama Kar: Jatin Pandit & Raahul Jatin on their prayer amidst Corona epidemic, hope and more


Music composer Jatin Pandit – from the Jatin–Lalit duo, the man behind the haunting and unforgettable melodies from JO JEETA WOHI SIKANDAR, KHILADI, RAJU BAN GAYA GENTLEMAN, KHAMOSHI: THE MUSICAL, DILWALE DULHANIA LE JAYENGE, FAREB, YES BOSS, JAB PYAAR KISISE HOTA HAI, KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI, SARFAROSH, GHULAM, MOHABBATEIN, KABHI KHUSHI KABHI GHAM, FANAA and of course YAARA DILDARA from where it all started, has made a soothing plea to the God, the almighty for all of us amidst the ongoing Corona Covid – 19 pandemic.

Jatin Pandit along with his son Raahul Jatin has undergone a unique collaboration for a human cause. The song titled PRABHU HUM KO SHAMA KAR, poignantly captures the biggest crisis that humanity is suffering – Corona virus led Covid-19, pandemic. Penned and composed by ace music director, Jatin Pandit, music produced by Raahul and it is sung by both Jatin and Raahul.

Taking time out and pertinently following the lockdown guidelines, the father son duo Jatin Pandit and Raahul Jatin speak from heart about their prayer to god, the corona effect, hope and more…


The idea behind the song?

Jatin Pandit: Idea behind this song is to spread awareness and to ask forgiveness for our sins from God which will help us fight this Pandemic. Somewhere I feel that nature has revolted and humanity is facing its Karma- this is the only idea behind this song.

How did you manage to compose, shoot the song?


Jatin Pandit: I was trying to make a romantic song and was looking for romantic lyrics, but due to the current circumstances, I couldn’t think of any, and just in the flow of this sadness the song was made. It is a trying time, there is so much suffering everywhere, I just could not think of romance. The emotion that was driving me was deep anguish and that is what has come out through the song. Once the song was ready, my wife said lets shoot it. We shot it on the terrace. My son edited it using stock shots and that is how Prabhu Hum Ko Shama Kar was made.

Music is in your blood, how easy and difficult was it for you to compose & shoot?

Jatin Pandit: Yes, you are right music is in our blood but shooting the song was a challenge, as there is lock down this song is shot on our terrace and the idea of terrace worked a lot as we got to capture a very beautiful view. I would like to appreciate the effort done by my son, Raahul and my wife. The song was shot and then edited by him. I would have composed it and kept it to myself, not done anything about it. They believed that this should be shared with everyone as it will help people to ease their pain.


On Raahul Jatin coming into the scene?

Jatin Pandit : While I was composing the song, he came and asked me to sing it, cause the door was open and he could hear the music. He loved the song and said it sounds ‘Divine’. This word attracted me a lot, then I went to complete it, he made me aware that this should be shared with everyone, and asks forgiveness for our sins from the lord. Raahul got into this, programmed and produced this song, planned and executed the shoot also.

Raahul Jatin: I think it is a great song. I heard the song and felt it should be shared with everyone. Its very calming and spiritual- something that the world needs the most this moment. I got onto the production part of it – recording and singing it with my dad. I planned the shoot and it all fell in place. We created the song to comfort people and genuinely offer our prayers.

Superstars like Salman, Akshay, Ajay have released song videos, noted musicians like you are spreading the word for concern, music barons like T series, filmmakers like Karan Johar are organizing concerts, people are trying to cope with different ways, at present how dangerous is this pandemic according to you ?

Jatin Pandit : I think all the superstars are contributing in their own way, and also I feel they should continue doing it because lots of people follow them and get influenced. If they set a precedent, others will also maintain the norms to fight this virus. We are sitting home and doing concerts and our work to keep up the spirit. If there is no medicine soon then yes we will have to live with this and maintain social distancing, wear protective gears and will have to continue fighting the pandemic.

You could have got some known singers like Kumar Shanu, Udit Narayan Alka Yagnik etc with whom you have worked to come that would have spread the awareness to another level?, why they are not seen?

Jatin Pandit : This song is not recorded to earn fame, I could have roped in the other big singers too and made the song but, for me this song is a prayer to the God to help us in this situation and I believe that prayer should be done with family. Although every singer out there is my family, if in future we plan to make another version we can think for other singers but right now its prayer for me which I am offering to God with my family.

How are you coping with the corona pandemic and lock-down?

Jatin Pandit : As we all are at home so I have started completing my pending work, like I’m completing the script which I started and also started Yoga apart from these I help my wife in some household chores too. Making music is something that goes on as well by default.

Raahul Jatin: Just stay home. That’s the simplest and the most effective way to prevent you from getting it and not letting it spread.
Has the lockdown given you more time for riaaz, understanding music etc?
Jatin Pandit : Yes now a days I sit a lot to make some good music and I work on songs, write some of it. I would say there are fewer distractions so we are all getting more time – be it work or spending quality time with family. Sometimes I even try to call my friends who I don’t get to speak with otherwise in my routine life. So yes, I’m enjoying this time by doing things which I used to miss.

When and where do you see hope?

Raahul Jatin : Where there is life- there is hope. Yes, people are dying, falling sick the world has come to a standstill but we are all fighting it together and I’m sure we will overcome this. Science is developing every day, Government is trying to do its best- people are invested in this and so much of effort can’t go a waste.

Finally, what makes this song special?

Raahul Jatin : I think what makes this so special is this it is a very honest and genuine sort of heartfelt attempt by my dad and me to make something that truly helps people to calm down and turn to god for strength. It is a very genuine song. That’s what I would say is special about it.



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