Prashant Sawant: SRK, Aamir, Salman, Akshay are proving that age is no bar for being fit

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Celebrity trainer & body sculptor Prashant Sawant, who has shaped the bodies of stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Ajay Devgn, Priyanka Chopra, Sunny Leone, Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan among others in an exclusive conversation with Glamsham talks about his experience of training B-town celebs and how Shah Rukh Khan is like a family to him.

In fact the credit for Shah Rukh’s fab abs goes to him. Prashant also reveals about his challenging assignments and how each and every actor is looking best at their age thanks to their grueling fitness work out.

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Here are the excerpts:

You have been in this industry since last 20 years. Tell us what inspired you to take up this profession and how has been your journey so far?
The inspiration was to look good, the way Salman looked like. I was fat as a kid so I wanted to look good and be fit. After I started training people I learnt a lot about human body, the injuries that they go through while training, so how to handle these situations, I have learned all these things while being on the job. Till today I am learning and have become passionate towards it. So I just want people to know that they can live a better life if somebody is there to take care of their body.

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Despite having such a stellar client list why do you keep a low profile?
I like to keep a low profile because I am very shy kind of person. I don’t like to be seen everywhere or attend parties. I don’t like to choose any kind of strategies to make people take notice of me. I am what I am. I don’t want to chase anything. I am happy with all the work and recognition that is coming my way.

Who was your first star client?
Shah Rukh Khan was my first celebrity client. I share a very special bond with him. He had put a lot of faith in me and that made me grow in my field.

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Which celebrity you enjoyed working with the most?
Actually I enjoy working with everyone. Shah Rukh Khan and I share a special bond and Varun Dhawan is like a younger brother to me. Even Ajay Devgn and Abhishek Bachchan treat me like a family and not like a trainer so it’s always a pleasure working with these people.

When a celebrity comes to you for training what are their usual concerns?
Different people have different concerns but their main concern is fitness only. So I have to work on where they stand today and what I can do to improve their fitness level in a given period of time.

How difficult or easy it is to train a celebrity?
It’s very easy. They are very simple to handle after all they are also human beings. So far I have never faced any difficulty in training them. It has always been a very nice experience of working with them.

'Aamir Khan is a star because of his dedication'

Since you have worked with them over the years, describe the following celebrities in one word.
Amitabh Bachchan- Strong
Ajay Devgn- loving and down to earth
Alia Bhatt- Sweet
Sunny Leone- Awesome
Priyanka Chopra- Dedicated

After training so many stars of Bollywood, whom do you aspire to work with now?
I have no such aspirations. Whoever needs my help I will be there for them. So whoever comes to me I will always be more than happy to make them a part of my life. I wish to help more and more people surrounding me.

Which was the most challenging assignment for you?
There have been many actually but SINGHAM was very challenging. Also, ABCD 2 was most challenging as Varun’s energy was on another level. As a trainer you have to bring the best out of everyone.

What myths and misconceptions you came across about body building?
There are lots of myths like you should take or not take protein, intake of supplements; you should not eat evening carbs or morning carbs. There are lots of rubbish beliefs among the people. My advice to such people would be that life is very simple so one should follow simple diet. They should follow advice of somebody who they have trust in and not follow others blindly.

Do you think Aamir Khan has set benchmark by gaining and losing weight so fast for his last release DANGAL?
Aamir has worked hard and I really appreciate that. I have worked with DHOOM 3 team but never actually trained Aamir. I have seen his dedication. Aamir Khan is what he is not because of his name but because of his dedication. Actors like Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar are proving to people that age is no bar and you can maintain and keep yourself fit at any given age. Pehle log jawaani me ache dikhte the aur budhaape me nahi…But if you look now the entire scenario has changed as everyone is looking so fabulous at their age be it the new generation actors or the old. Varun is looking best for his age, Salman is looking best for his age and so is Anil Kapoor who is looking mind-blowing for his age.

One advice that you would like to give for the fitness freak generation.
I think people should follow a proper diet, think about the safety, select the right trainer. And even if you don’t have budget to have a trainer all you need to do is have a control on your food, understand your diet, keep your food simple. Eat well, keep yourself active and have a good lifestyle. As when you are fit then your mind starts functioning better.

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