Prithviraj: Unlike Bollywood, South film industry works on deadlines

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Southern superstar Prithviraj Sukumaran, who has worked in south film industry for more than a decade now, is turning to Bollywood with his debut film AIYYAA starring Rani Mukerji alongside and second venture being Yash Raj production AURANGZEB. Though he has just stepped in the Hindi film industry, Prithviraj finds Bollywood in much more comfortable space than south. Unlike Bollywood, south film industry works on deadlines.

Prithviraj draws the difference between the two industries, ''The procedure of making a film is almost the same but what sets the two industries apart is in south you have to work on deadlines. Right on the day of Mahurat you have to announce the release date of your film. From the moment you start the film you have a deadline to meet. So, somewhere things are done in a hurried manner. In Bollywood you make a film at your own space, you have lab work and then decide when you want to release it, which, I think, is the ideal way the cinema should be made. But unfortunately in South India we have lot of other equations like you need to book your theatres in advance, look at the seat availability et al. So I really enjoy working in Bollywood.''

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Now that he is embarking his journey in Bollywood does Prithviraj feel special about it? He says, ''The fact is that once you begin the shooting then you tend to forget that this is the first Bollywood film. But all that is beginning to sink in now as I am nearing the release and when people come up with such questions. You really can't forget the fact that you have done so many films and AIYYAA is just another film. But it's great that finally I am getting a big stage through Bollywood and it feels great to know that AIYYAA will get more people to see my film than all the films that I have done in south put together. That's the kind of reach Bollywood has.''

AIYYAA is a women-centric film and it is touted to be more of Rani Mukerji's show. But Prithviraj is rejoicing this fact. Incidentally, his Malaylam debut was also in a women-centric film.

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''I don't know what's it touted to be but I can vouch for it to be a good cinema. Incidentally, even my Malayalam debut was in a women-centric film called NANDANAM. And after doing that film the place where I am in Malayalam right now if I am in that kind of position in Bollywood in few years then I would be more than happy. I don't think making a debut in women-centric film has got anything to do with where you go and what you do,'' says the actor.

Ask Prithiviraj of the two industries which debut was more exciting & closest to his heart and he replies, ''Obviously, always the closest to my heart will be my Malayalam debut because that is when I debuted as an actor. Having said that AIYYAA is special too because I have never felt so unpredictable of anything…Right now Bollywood is so exciting that we don't know what's going to happen next…I don't know post AIYYAA and AURANGZEB there is anything happening in Bollywood for me. I don't know how people will take me post AIYYAA. They will like me or they want to see more of me. So, the whole unknown and beyond factor is very exciting and in that sense this debut is quite exciting.''

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Considering his current opinion about Bollywood ask Prithviraj if he finds the industry unpredictable and he says, 'Cinema in itself is very unpredictable anywhere. When I made my debut in Malayalam it was very unpredictable. Right now Bollywood is like how I felt when I did my first Malayalam film.'

AIYYAA is all set to release 12th October 2012.



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