Priya messes up CHOR CHOR SUPER CHOR Deepak’s life!

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Finally the highly versatile and talented Deepak Dobriyal is going solo. And he has for company the beautiful Priya Bhatija, who has already made a name for herself through television. We are obviously talking about, the K. Rajesh directed, CHOR CHOR SUPER CHOR.

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Says Deepak, ”Actually it’s a very interesting subject. I play Satbir who works with a Delhi gang of con men indulging in pick pocketing etc. But after a while, I get tired and want to lead a straight life. But the irony of the situation is that I get into trouble once I become honest and try to lead a normal life, and so I have to return to my old ways for survival.”

Talking about the film Deepak says, ”Our director is an FTII graduate and I used to work in his documentaries. Basically the whole team is new but they are all highly talented and most of them are from south. My heroine, Priya Bhatija, may be new to Hindi cinema but she is highly talented.”

When we queried the lead actress of CHOR CHOR SUPER CHOR, Priya Bhatija, about the film and the reason for CCSC being her first foray into cinema after television she said, ”I have been on television for six years and have essayed almost every character. So I wanted to move on to films. Luckily just after DWARKADHEESH, I was offered CHOR CHOR SUPER CHOR, and you won’t believe it, on the third day I was actually shooting for the film.”

When we asked Priya about working with an actor of the caliber of Deepak Dobriyal she revealed, ”I have known Deepak for five years, that is why you will see an on-screen chemistry between us. In fact I used to practice acting with his group, and there I am with him. I play his love interest. As you already know the storyline, let me tell you that I am responsible for creating a mess in his life!”

Interesting one must say, as we await CHOR CHOR SUPER CHOR, which releases all over on August 2.

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