Priya Prakash Varrier: The wink that blew the world away

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‘Wink’eshwari sensation Priya Prakash Varrier with just a wink had blew the world away, the 18 year old Malayalam actress has become an overnight sensation with just a flirty and lovely wink tease video that has defeated all the theories on how to get famous.

How a wink had made our world occupied by superstars like SRK, Salman etc, wannabes like Urvashi Rautela, Poonam Pandey, Rakhi Sawant etc, the ‘dhinchak’ favorites on internet including the little Taimur, the PR gurus and last but not the least the fringe elements like the Karni Sena scratch their hairs, rub their eyes again and again in disbelief.

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The popularity of the wink from this Mallu girl has now become the ‘babaji ka tulu’ ( a statement, comment, reaction) to all what is happening around in the name of name, fame, tolerance, intolerance and feminism.

Its not for the first time an actress in India has winked, divas like Sri Devi, Aishwarya Rai, Madhuri Dixit, Vidya Balan etc had done this before but no one has received such a fancy of the people like our dear Priya Prakash Variier. I have seen girls in my localities imitating Priya’s famous wink and taking selfies.

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Its just a wink at first glance but if we go deeper it comes with befitting statements like – you don,t need to be bold and sexy to gain attention as a woman, in the world said to be ruled by man. Only a lovely wink can get eyeballs more than the sexy outfit of any top actress/ wannabe or a chiseled physic of a top Khan, Kapoor, Singh, Dhawan etc.

In India and world literature you will find pages written on a women ‘adda’ coquetry (flirtatious behavior), the wink had cemented the age old belief that for a woman to make the world go crazy, you just need a wink. With the advent of internet and dedicated junkies and trollers around in large numbers, it hardly takes much of a time to spearhead the momentum. And who said winking is an activity restricted to males.

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The point is the wink which the actress has reportedly said to be spontaneous and given in one take to promote her upcoming Malayalam teen rom com ORU ADAAR LOVE (rough translation – solid/super love) directed by Omar Lulu co starring Siyadh Shajahan and Noorin Shereef is in a way lesson for all.

Look at the irony, so much of hullabaloo for months over Bhansali’s PADMAAVAT starring Deepika padukone, Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor courtesy Karni Sena couldn,t generate the buzz in all those months to the level what Priya has done overnight with just a solitary wink. Interestingly, people owing to the PADMAVAAT controversy flocked to theatres with binoculars to search for the alleged controversy which wasn,t there. But here whoever will visit the theatre to watch Priya in the movie, will find that popular wink and more of the actress.

Priya Prakash Varrier wink is not just a wink now, it’s a movement, it’s a challenge to those who oppose tolerance, it’s a tease to those who try to gain mileage by issuing threats, it’s a lesson that in today’s world of internet there is no rocket science to get famous, it’s a lesson that you don’t need to flaunt your assets to get noticed, just a wink is enough and why men should have all the fun. No need for an actress to have an alleged affair and /or a pr guru to make her popular. Just a lovely wink can do. We are so dried up. Sad by things going around us that a girl’s wink makes everyone excited and bring smiles.

It’s heard that PINK director has contacted Priya, but she is right now sinking in the moment and basking in the glory. Dear Priya, hope the wink doesn,t remain just a tease, it stays on you as your committed beloved and valentine.

Normally, people love a person’s smile but here your wink had blown every cliché norms of getting popular away, we love your wink and it has brought a smile to our face.

Keep winking we say.

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