Priyanka Chopra trolls back her haters with just one snap!

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Priyanka was in Berlin promoting her film BAYWATCH. And just yesterday we reported about Priyanka’s meeting with PM Modi in abroad. The photo went viral. But little did she know that her casual meeting with PM will get into controversy. Just after she posted a picture with Mr. Modi, thanking him 'for taking the time from his packed schedule' to meet her in Berlin, Priyanka was trolled by netizens.

She had worn one piece, which showed her legs and was sitting cross legged in front of the PM.

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Seeing this snap social media, known best for slamming and trolling people every now & then especially celebs, didn’t leave her and started abusing her, by calling her dress and posture ‘disrespectful’ towards PM. The haters went on and on.

Below are the screen grabs from haters who trolled her.

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If some went against PC, there were few who stood by her also.

Here are the grabs who stood in her defense.

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However, when Priyanka came across it, she gave it like a boss. She chose not to respond directly but posted a snap of her along with her mom and long sassy and classy legs, thus in turn she trolled her haters.

Check out PC’s post below!

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