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Priyanka Mazumdar on what attracted her to K-Pop

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Mumbai, March 13 (IANS) Singer Priyanka Mazumdar, member of the Asian all-girl group Z-Girls, says she got attracted towards K-Pop by looking at the way they dance, perform and sing live on stage.

“I actually started listening to K-Pop back in 2014, late 2014. I was so into it that I went for contests, K pop contests during 2015 and since then I’m listening to K-Pop. I love how they perform on stage. It was really new for me because in our country, we like sit back with the guitar and just sing, like move along with the music but with K-Pop I saw that they dance, perform and sing live on stage and it was really attractive for me and I guess that’s what pulled me into K-Pop more deeper,” Priyanka said.

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Z-Girls consists of Carlyn (Philippines), Priyanka (India), Bell (Thailand), Mahiro (Japan), Vanya (Indonesia), Queen (Vietnam) and Joanne (Taiwan), who is recently performed on “Vh1 Listen”.

Talking about their project, Carlyn said: “We are on Z-Pop Project, it is a global project aims to establish a system that connects 7 different countries through music. We debuted in Korea on February 23, 2019 and we are trying to reach our dream. One dream, one goal, one Asia.”

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To this, Priyanka added: “We call ourselves Z Pop stars, Z comes from Generation Z, which is youngsters born after 1995.”

Vanya shared: “The debut songs of Z Girls was ‘What you waiting for’ which is very memorable for us. It was really a cold day and we got sick.”

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Recalling the experience of working on the song, Priyanka said: “It was really hard to breathe, because we were dancing and shooting at the same time. I still remember we had short outfits and had to put up smile on our faces, even though it is freezing cold. We cannot describe it in words how we felt but I think we enjoyed it because it was our first shoot together.”



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